The Hampstead Players

William Shakespeare
Directed by David Gardner and Annie Duarte
24th to 26th November 2016

Auditions will be held on
Friday, July 15th at 7.30pm in the church
Saturday, July 16th from 3.00pm - 5.00pm in the Gregory Room
and Monday, 18th July at 7.30pm in the church

King Lear is the most titanic of the tragedies, a huge, shattering play.  It is a story of poison and insanity and murder, of the sins that are committed through lust of possession and of the cruelties that the young are willing to inflict upon the old.  It wrenches apart the normal world to show its terrible underside, and yet it is not a story of despair for there is no weakness in it.  It is as unreasoning as a storm, but with all a storm's strength and magnificence, and if Shakespeare had written nothing but King Lear he would still rank as one of the world's greatest playwrights. (Marchette Chute)

The named roles and approximate playing ages are:

Lear, King of Britain – 60+ An elderly and irascible monarch

Earl of Gloucester – 50+ An honourable counsellor to the King

Earl of Kent – 40+ Loyal to Lear, disguises himself as his servant for much of the play

Duke of Albany – 30+ Moral man, outraged by his wife Goneril

Duke of Cornwall – 30+ Cruel man, blinds Gloucester

Goneril, eldest daughter of Lear and wife of Albany – 25+ Strips Lear of his power

Regan, second daughter of Lear and wife of Cornwall – 25+ Abandons Lear to the storm

Cordelia, youngest daughter of Lear – 20+ Disinherited by Lear, marries France

Fool, to the King – either sex and any age Attends to Lear and speaks truths to him

Edgar, son of Gloucester – 25+ Disguised as Mad Tom, helps his father

Edmund, bastard son of Gloucester – 25+ Resentful and manipulative

King of France – 25+ Suitor for Cordelia

Duke of Burgundy – 25+ Suitor for Cordelia

Oswald – 30+ Steward to Goneril

There are also a few smaller roles including servants, captain, knights, soldiers, gentlemen, doctor, and attendants which can be doubled with each other.  It should also be noted that playing ages are a guide only and can usually be interpreted fairly flexibly.

If you cannot make any of these dates we shall be happy to try to audition you at an alternative time. If you have any questions please contact David Gardner at  or on 020 7435 2906 or Annie Duarte at or 020 8203 1382 .

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